Privacy Policy
Use of personal data

Introduction & general information

As part of its commercial activity as a bike rental company and organizer of bike rides and adventures, Tous en biclou is required to process some of your personal information.

This is the case, for example, when you book one of our activities, either online or in-store; in order to establish a contract. These data are likely to identify you as a natural person and are therefore considered as personal data.

Tous en biclou’s commitment to your privacy:

Through the present Tous en biclou privacy policy, we wish to inform you with clarity, precision and transparency, of the way we collect and process your personal data; in accordance with the European regulations in force by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We only use your personal data in the cases provided for by the regulations in force:

  • In order to establish and execute a contract with you,
  • With your consent


Person responsible for the processing operations mentioned in this document

The person in charge of the processing mentioned in the present document is the SARL Tous en biclou, Limited Liability Company with a capital of 5000€, whose head office is located at 2 rue de la Loge, 13002 Marseille, registered in the Trade and Companies Register under the number 907 742 894; represented by its manager Mr Cyril Hoccry-Lescarmure.


Forms and personal data collection & use of your personal data

Mandatory data collection for contractual purposes.

The activities of the SARL Tous en biclou are established within the framework of service contracts (equipment rental, rides and adventures). Within this framework, we collect a certain number of obligatory data for the establishment of contracts: Identity of the persons (Name, First name), address of residence, date of birth and number of identity documents (National Identity Card, Passport, Driving license).

Contracts can be drawn up digitally or on paper.


Collection of data with consent for the purpose of online booking of services.

In order to facilitate the management of reservations for the services offered by SARL Tous en biclou, we use a digital reservation and online payment system, accessible from our website or via a dedicated online store

In this context, we collect, in addition to the data mentioned in the previous chapter, an e-mail address and credit card numbers.

We collect this information only for the purpose of carrying out the intended transactions:

  • The e-mail addresses collected allow us to send you all the communications resulting from the transactions: confirmation of reservation, proof of payment, general conditions of sale, sending of electronic tickets for the services reserved, practical information concerning the services, reminders of practical information and of the upcoming start of the service.
  • Credit card numbers are only used for payment processing and are not used for any other purpose.


Collection of data on consent for marketing and promotional purposes.

With your consent, we may keep your personal data in a customer relations file in order to communicate to you, via your e-mail address, commercial information concerning the services or promotions offered by SARL Tous en biclou.

You also have the possibility, without having been previously a client of SARL Tous en biclou, to fill in your personal data (e-mail address) yourself by means of our contact form – newsletter available on the website


Use and sharing of your personal data

In addition to the uses described in the previous sections of this policy, we may use and share your personal information, with your explicit consent and after informing you, in one instance only:

When the service offered by SARL Tous en biclou is combined with a service offered by a partner, which requires the collection of your personal data.

For example: a paying visit to a museum organized within the framework of a specific bicycle tour; requiring the establishment of a personal ticket for you.

Another example: a bike ride on a given territory, with a collective transport service for people and equipment to and from the site, organized by a service provider partnering with SARL Tous en biclou.

All these partners and third party providers are obliged to respect a privacy policy and are strictly forbidden to use your personal data outside the services provided.

In none of the other cases mentioned above will SARL Tous en biclou use and share your personal data.


Security of personal data

The information contained in our personal data collection system is only accessible by employees authorized by SARL Tous en biclou; within the framework of a strict confidentiality policy. Failure to comply with this policy will result in expulsion and legal action.

The privacy policy and its observance are under the supervision of the legal manager of SARL Tous en biclou.

In the event of a security incident affecting your personal data, SARL Tous en biclou undertakes to respect the obligation to notify the competent bodies (CNIL).


How long we keep your personal data

Your personal data, in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force, are kept for a specific period of time and then deleted, depending on the type of information and contractual relationship.

For example: 5 years for contracts and agreements concluded in the context of a commercial relationship.

For example: 10 years for accounting vouchers such as invoices.

For more information, you can consult an exhaustive list of regulatory retention periods established on the governmental website Service Public.

Personal data of inactive persons, registered in our customer relations file, are deleted after 24 months (2 years). These data may be anonymized in order to keep them for their statistical values.


Methods of access, rectification and deletion of personal data

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the right to access, rectify or delete your personal data.

You have the possibility, at any time, to send us a communication in order to access, modify or request the deletion of your personal data; via e-mail to the following address